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Phone Repair Shops: Civic Telecom
Phone Repair Store: UK, Bedfordshire
Business Description in Short: We have been in business since 1990, and pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service. We are a manufacturer approved repair centre for Nokia which means for you our standards are the highest in the industry.
Business Description in Detail: We are an approved warranty repair Centre for Nokia. If you have a phone which is defective just bring it in to us or post it in. On receipt it will be examined and checked. Any faults found under warranty will be rectified and repaired FREE OF CHARGE . You then go on your merry way. The process is done same day It makes no difference where the phone has been purchased or if its on a Contract, Pay as you Go, or whatever. If it’s within the warranty period of 2 years that’s fine, all you may be asked to do is provide us with a proof of purchase or a copy of your contract.
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Phone Number: 01234 402 896

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