Cell Phone Repair Sandy Springs

Phone Repair Shops: Cell Phone Repair Sandy Springs
Phone Repair Store: USA, Georgia
Business Description in Short: Over 8 years ago, Cell Phone Repair Atlanta started as a family business and since repaired over 50,000 cell phones, laptops/computers, video game consoles, tablets/iPads, iPods and the like, to the entire Atlanta community!.
Business Description in Detail: Being a family owned business we like to treat our customers just like we would a member of our own family. HONESTY is something we absolutely cherish and at Cell Phone Repair Atlanta that is what you will ALWAYS receive. We promise that you should never pay for a repair to your device that is not needed nor should you be charged if we are unable to perform the repair necessary.
Website URL: http://www.georgia-cell-phone-repair.com
Phone Number: 770-485-6440