PTOWN Cell Repair

Phone Repair Shops: PTOWN Cell Repair
Phone Repair Store: USA, West Virginia
Business Description in Short: PTOWN CELL REPAIR was founded in November 2013. The business is located in Princeton, WV.
Business Description in Detail: From mid 2012 to mid 2013, I was introduced to over 130 different cell phone repair and retail stores in the Tampa, FL area. After the buyout of the company I worked for in 2013, I took the opportunity to place my efforts and experience into helping my hometown, Princeton WV by opening a store that will provide the community with the cell repair services they deserve. As owner and operator, I have over 10 years of cellular and technology experience. You can trust that PTOWN Cell will make every effort to make you feel like family.
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Phone Number: 1 304-431-2355