Phone Repair Shops: Sprint
Phone Repair Store: USA, Washington
Business Description in Short: Consumer, SDP and CL lines purchasing a new device with: Sprint Easy Pay, Sprint Lease, iPhone for Life Plan, at full MSRP, Bring Your Own Device, or Certified Pre-Owned and porting the new line on a Sprint Family Share Pack Plan with 20GB of data or higher, Unlimited Family Plan, Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan or Sprint Simply Unlimited.
Business Description in Detail: T-Mobile unlimited Simple Choice includes international text & data features and 5GB of tethering per month. Comparison is based on new smartphones on every line via installment plan, however comparison does not include actual price of smartphone from each carrier. Double Data promotion from ATT is included in this comparison and is valid for sign ups until November 15, 2014. Bonus 1GB of data per eligible line Verizon Wireless on More Everything plans last for 24 months on eligible lines. Does not include comparison to the T-Mobile ‘refer a friend’ promotion. For additional details on competitive plans please visit their respective websites. © 2014 Sprint. All rights reserved.
Website URL: http://www.sprint.com
Phone Number: 866-866-7509