Motorola Moto E – Issue in Phone

Smartphone: Motorola Moto E
Problem: Issue in Phone
Description: Last night just before bed I rememberd I needed to google details on walk-in bathtubs. Using the mike icon for voice, I asked my questions, but was answered in a different language. I tried a couple more times, same thing. I had not changed any settings and actually wasn’t even sure where or what to do to correct it, it was late so I didn’t try, and went to bed. next morning I got up and needed to check for an answer to a text I had sent that day so I went to messages and not only was there no answer, where I had sent my text question initially was a blank space, as if I hadn’t typed it at . puzzled, I typed it again, sent it, and waited for confirmation that it sent. It did, and behind it on the screen in ghost version was the last three lines of the original text, but the new text was blocking the line saying day and time it was sent. Weird! First I had typed the text and sent it. Next morning when I checked for response, it was all blank, no evidence of any such text existing at all. So I proceeded to type another text and send it and when I did, the original text showed up in ghost version, BEHIND but could not confirm day, date, time it sent. The minute the second text was sent. The phone froze up. Every single thing that was on the screen around the text, like my icons, 3G, time, etc. etc. Nothing moved, and it wont turn on or off. Now, 8 hrs. later the exact same screen is still frozen on there. Same time, message, bars of phone time left etc. and the light is ON. Note: nothing unusual happened to the phone overnight. no extreme heat, cold or wet or dropped. what can I do to unfreeze it.

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