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A list of common problems and issues in phones, smartphones and cell phones:

Phone Repairs

* LCD Screen Replacement
* Touchscreen Replacement
* External Touchscreen Broken
* Glass or Digitizer Broken
* Internal LCD Screen Cracked or Broken
* Problem in USB Connector
* Problem in Charging Connector
* Water Damage or Liquid Damage
* Phone Signals not Coming
* Wifi Issue or Bluetooth not Working
* Keypad Buttons not Working
* Touchscreen not Working
* Phone not Powering or Problem in Charging Phone
* Speaker, Microphone, Ringer, Loudspeaker and Sound problem.
* Home Button not Working
* Problem in Power and Camera
* SIM Card or SD Card Problems
* Phone is Freezing or not Starting
* Headphone Replacement
* Glass Screen Replacement
* Replacing Broken Screen
* Data Connection or Mobile Network Problem
* Phone Keys not Working
* White, Black, Blue Display Screen

  • You need to repair or replace your battery if:

    • Battery discharges very fast.
    • Battery takes a long time to recharge.
    • Battery not charging at all.

  • You need to repair or replace your camera if:

    • Front or back camera is not working.
    • You are not able to take a Photograph or Selfie.
    • Photographs are blurred.
    • Camera shows blank/ no pictures.

  • You need to repair or replace your charging port if:

    • Charging port does not detect the charger but other phones detect the charger.
    • You are not able to take a Photograph or Selfie.
    • Charging port is not connecting to PC or not charging.
    • Charging port is not connecting by wire to any other device.

  • You need to repair or replace your speaker if:

    • You are not able to hear clearly during the call.
    • Constant crackling sound from the ear speaker.
    • Low or No sound at all from the ear speaker.
    • Loudspeaker is not working at all.
    • Loudspeaker gives extra noise.
    • Loudspeaker volume is very low.

  • You need to repair or replace your touchscreen if:

    • Glass is cracked but touch may or may not be working.
    • Glass looks alright but the touch is not working.
    • LCD display is working fine and you can see the display.
    • Glass is broken and Touch/ Display is not working properly.
    • Display gone blank/ partially damaged and touch not functioning properly.

  • You need to repair or replace your phone if:

    • Your device is water/liquid damaged.
    • You want to find out if it is possible to repair the mobile and know the cost of repair.

  • You need to repair or replace your headphone jack if:

    • Audio is playing only on one side of your ear buds.
    • No sound heard from headphones when connected.
    • Noise from the headphones.

  • You need to repair or replace your LCD Display jack if:

    • You can’t see anything when the phone boots.
    • Display is partially/completely not working but the glass/ touch is working fine.
    • You are able to receive and pickup calls when someone calls.

  • You need to repair or replace your mic if:

    • You are not audible to other person on line while speaking through mobile but audible when Bluetooth or Hands free is used.
    • Your voice sounds very low at the other end.
    • Your voice gives static noise at the other end.

  • You need to repair or replace your phone if:

    • Phone often shows no signal even after inserting the SIM card.
    • Low signal quality and frequent call drops.
    • Not able to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

  • You need to repair or replace your phone sensor if:

    • Phone screen goes blank when receiving or making calls.
    • Phone sensor is not responding to motion sensing.
    • Display is not bright enough.

  • You need to repair or replace your phone software if:

    • Mobile hangs while booting.
    • Mobile is working very slow.
    • Programs keep crashing.
    • Phone booting stuck at logo when switched on.

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People have grown accustomed to mobile phones whether they like it or not. We are living in an era that promises instant communication and mobile phones allows us to keep in touch with family members and business partners.

During trips to different countries, such as China, South Korea or other Asian countries, travelers from the UK often decided to buy a mobile phone due to significant differences in price. They paid by credit card and happily wrapped up the purchase; unfortunately, within weeks or months after they were back in the United Kingdom, the phone could get damaged or malfunctioned. After checking the warranty card, they found that they might get the phone repaired without charges if it is sent back to the store that it was bought from, which doesn’t make sense at all.

In many cases, users are not aware of clauses that say certain things could void the warranty. For example, they don’t know that damages caused by accidental drop onto the pavement or into a bucketful of water are not covered by the warranty. Eventually, users could end up forking out a large sum of money to get the phone repaired by professional technicians. Reading the fine prints is important, but owners should also understand how to find reliable new phone repair services that are both reliable and affordable.

As an example, a phone dropped face down could have serious damages on its large, touchscreen display and users must be able to find a reliable phone screen repair service. Some technicians may also specialize on specific popular phone models, so users should also look for services centers in the UK advertising themselves as iPhone repair or Samsung smartphone repair experts.

Users in the UK and USA considering buying an on-contract phone should look for the cheapest and least painful way of getting out of a contract. Any cellular networks in the UK and USA won’t hesitate to fine subscribers who decide to terminate a multi-year contract and it could reach a few hundred pounds. New on-contract smartphones are not throwaways and users need to get the phone repaired if it has damages not covered by warranty. Unfortunately, chances are users will pay a lot more in fines and repair costs than what they actually paid for the phone.

Phone Repair Expert

This should be where an affordable phone repair service comes into play; because, carriers in the UK are not so nice when on-contract subscribers accidentally damage their phone. If users live near the phone repair service’s location, they may do a simple and quick walk-in repair. Many of these services offer users to send in their damaged phone and return it after being fixed.

Customer service quality should be a top priority to these repair service and they should ensure that consumers can get the service they deserve, while providing them with a reliable turnaround time. Often, it is helpful to call the repair service to have our questions answered quickly, More often than not, it’s less of a pain and cheaper to perform enough research as opposed to canceling the repair, if the service center proves to be unreliable.

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