Acer Liquid E3 – Broken Screen

Smartphone: Acer Liquid E3 – E380 (single SIM)
Problem: Replacement Screen, Screen Replacement, Broken Screen
Description: The screen of my Acer Liquid E3 has broken. I’ve already ordered and received a replacement screen, pried open the phone and removed the broken screen. The problem is, I cannot get the little chip connected to the new screen throught the slot in the phone’s front side to be able to connect it to the motherboard on the back. I wish I could include pictures to describe it better, to show you the obstacle. In order to make this repair, I need to know what else needs to be disconnected/screwed loose in order for the chip connected to the screen to be able to fit through the slot. Therefore, I think if you could provide a manual on screen replacement for the Acer Liquid E3, I can still manage it myself.


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