Huawei Y3 – Water Damaged Phone

Smartphone: Huawei Y3
Problem: Liquid Damaged Phone, Water Damaged
Description: I looking for help to recover the pictures from my mobile phone. I was hiking in the alps when a thunderstorm hits me and my group. Unfortunately the complete cell phone got wet. Therefore I bought a new one at Media Markt because they told me they were not able to repair it. I was wondering about it because if I connect it with the charging device it vibes although when I switch it on. But the display is always off / black. Even my computer recognizes the cell phone when they are connected but I am not able to access it. So in my opinion only the display must have a failure and the memory could probably not be damaged. Would it help if I replace just the display to be able to unlock my cell phone to get in access with it when I connect it with the computer?


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